Cosmo Powrtech Pvt. Ltd.


Gasifier Reactor Diameter: We have built gasifiers from 1.2 m to 4.0 m diameters and offer the most suitable gasifier as per the specific requirements of the customer, such as energy demand, fuel (type of coal / biomass) and nature of application. For large capacity applications requiring installation of a number of gasifiers in parallel, we have standardized 4.0 m diameter. This has now become an industry standard with many successful installations at a number of locations across India. The gas output from a 4.0 m gasifier will be more than 1.5 times that of 3.2 m gasifier. So, a smaller number of gasifiers will be required to meet a given demand.

Fuel Feeding System: Fuel feeding system enables fully automatic feeding with load sensing. An overhead storage bunker is an integral part of the system so that several hours of uninterrupted operation is feasible even in the event of any break down in upstream fuel conveying. The cup & cone type doors are sufficiently large to enable trouble free fuel charging without any fuel bridging or blockages. Automatic fuel charging, utilizing feedback from gasifier operating parameters, ensures smooth operation.

Unique Grate Design: The unique grate design ensures uniform distribution of air over entire cross-section of gasifier reactor, minimum clogging of air path with ash and long operating campaigns between shut downs. The carbon conversion is better than competing designs. Also, it has robust construction with long life of several years.

Fully Automatic Operation: All the critical operations, such as, fuel feeding, ash removal, jacket water filling, etc. are fully automatic.

Full Water Jacket – No Refractory Lining: We provide full water jacketing of reactor shell instead of refractory lining in the upper portion. This is particularly useful for running high ash coal when steam demand is higher (external boiler is avoided). Also, refractory maintenance is avoided.

Extended Shaft Design: ‘COSMO’ gasifier reactor is of extended shaft type for both ‘cold-gas’ and ‘hot-gas’ configurations. It offers long residence time for fuel with good carbon conversion and high efficiency. Such design enables locating poking holes at convenient lower height, and at the same time, fuel bed is high enough for good efficiency.

Suitability for High Ash Coal: The special design features of ‘COSMO” gasifier makes it suitable for high ash coal, even up to 40% ash content.

Fuel Flexibility:Wide fuel flexibility is an important feature. Very low ash fuels like wood or petcoke as well as very high ash fuels like Indian coal are acceptable in the same reactor. Almost any carbon containing fuel in a lump form, such as briquettes made of agricultural / agro-industrial residues or forestry residues or wastes or RDF can be used.