Cosmo Powrtech Pvt. Ltd.


COSMO POWERTECH PVT. LTD. is dedicated to research, development and commercialization of technologies & products in the areas of renewable energy, energy conservation, environmental protection and petroleum substitution.

The company believes that biomass (including wastes) and coal play an important role in the energy mix. Therefore, the major focus of the company is on development & commercialization of clean, efficient & convenient conversion technologies (combustion, gasification & pyrolysis) for biomass, coal and waste materials for production of energy carriers as well as their utilization.

We put in continuous efforts towards introduction of developed technologies to new applications. We also undertake application oriented development & testing to meet specific needs of our customers.

We value our partnerships with both research institutions and user industries. First demonstration projects for many new applications as well as need-based technology development activities have been undertaken with such partnerships.

All our products & technologies, simple biomass commercial-cook-stoves to large industrial scale gasification facilities to regenerative burners, are expected go a long way in improving energy efficiencies and reducing carbon foot-prints.

Our in-house manufacturing & service capabilities, along with a reliable vendor network, deliver optimal solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.