Cosmo Powrtech Pvt. Ltd.



Potential Users




 Forced draft stove suitable for large / community kitchens
 Inner liner is made of alloy steel casting and cooled by preheating combustion air
 Combustion air travels in a annular chamber, inside surface heated by combustion zone and outside surface insulated – this design yields optimum heat utilization
 Sturdy outer metal body, resting on a stable stand
 Suitable for continuous operation for several hours at a stretch
 Large wood blocks, of even 6-8 inches in size, can be used
 Provision for continuous fuel feeding
 Convenient doors provided for fuel feeding & ash removal
 Adequate space is provided in ash chamber so that stove could be used for long hours without interruption
 1 kg LPG is substituted by 3 – 3 ½  kg biomass (wood)
 1 litre diesel or kerosene is substituted by 2 – 2 ½  kg biomass
 If COSMOflame stove is used in place of conventional wood stove, up to 30% savings can be expected