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Coal Gasifier Project for Pellet Plant
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Gasifiers Cold Gas Mode
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Gasifier Hot Gas Mode, Updraft Multifuel & Largest Updraft Gasifier

Updraft Multi-fuel gasifiers
(which can work as either coal gasifiers or biomass gasifiers) Capacity range: 300 kWth to 30,000 kWth (equivalent to 25 to 2500 litres/hour oil substitution)

Downdraft Biomass Gasifiers
Capacity range: 120 kWth to 2400 kWth (equivalent to 10 to 200 litres/hour oil substitution)

COSMO Regenerative Burners - for high temperature applications in sectors like metals (ideal for melting & forging), refractory, ceramics, glass, etc. Fuel savings in the range of 15 to 50% are possible.

COSMO Kitchen Waste Biogas Plants are ‘Factory Built’, easy to install biogas plants suitable for kitchen waste from community kitchens, such as that of industrial canteens, hostels, restaurants, residential complexes, etc. - in modules suitable for 100 to 1000 persons.

‘COSMOflame’ Biomass Cook-stoves are suitable for large community kitchens, such as that of restaurants, hostels, dhabas, jails, dairies, ashrams, caterers, Namkeen / snacks manufacturers, etc.
Capacity range: 30 to 150 kWth throughput